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Veronika Chaloupková

Editor / foreign rights (sales), Argo Publishers
Joined Argo Publishers three years ago after four years experience at the Literary departement of Dilia Agency . I work as a literary agent for our Czech authors and as a..

Lisbeth Lovén

I am an autodidact, none
I suppose I am somewhat a Rolling Stone when it comes to studies. Yet I have spent two years at Plymouth University where I studied Media Arts. Besides all other knowledg..

The Foundation is increasingly committed to providing training and information on the subject of accessibility to realities and professionals in the publishing world, but also to companies of all kinds,..

bruno mushambi

author, algorithm centre
writer,business consultant,..

Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in the publishing industry. Thanks to the opportunities offered by new standards and digital reading technologies a new paradigm is emerging: produce accessible publications and distribute them..

Svetlana Blintsova

Translator, TranslatorBlintsova
Translator Italian/Russian..