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Eighteen months from the time when the European Accessibility Act will unfold its effects on the digital content and book supply chain, the APACE project is born: the network coordinated..

European publishing, especially that of smaller countries, needs support to break into foreign marketsand a huge imbalance persists between titles bought and sold, compared to the English-language market. At the..

We are back from the Frankfurt Book Fair after a series of events that marked one year of progress for Tales of EUkraine. The Tales of EUkraine consortium touched base..

 In our mission to make data about book reading habits more comparable across Europe, the Aldus Up Working Group on Reading introduces an updated guideline document for the EuRopean Item..

  Wouldn’t a tool capable of helping publishers understand readers’ habits and passions be the innovation that the book sector always dreamed of? Telling publishers what readers would want to..

This piece is part of a series of articles summarising the key topics discussed at the workshop “Book publishing in the age of platforms” held on 29 November 2022 hosted..