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Readmagine is the professional meeting about reading, books and libraries that takes place at the centre of Germán Sánchez Ruipérez Foundation in Madrid. This event was founded by Luis González,..

Jörg Kubenka

Head of Managed Services, BearingPoint
Expert in Marketing and distribution of Newspapers, magazines and Books. ..

Williams g

digital marketer, marketing agency
I love writing engaging content on concepts like B2B marketing,, NFT, sports,Crypto,,social media marketing services and much more exciting stuff.

Panagiotis Kapos

Founder and Managing Director, Creative Force - Oasis Publications
Dr. Panagiotis Kapos was born in Athens. He holds a PhD Degree from Panteion University (Department of Communication, Media and Culture). His thesis examined the digital ..

E-lending, namely library lending of electronic books, is widespread especially among the high-income and highly educated groups of the population, and has a considerably negative impact on the purchasing not..


Accessibility is becoming increasingly important in the publishing industry as the new European legislative framework requires the entire digital publishing industry to become accessible to persons with disabilities and elderly..