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Leon Bleser

Research Assistant, Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz
I graduated from JGU Mainz with a Master of Arts in Book and Reading Studies, writing my final thesis on the (possible) changes that AI brings to the audiobook production..

BotTalk is one of the winner of the 2021 edition of ContentShift, the accelerator for startups launched by Börsenverein and dedicated to fostering innovation in the content industry. Aldus Up takes..


Who owns the copyright on a book written by artificial intelligence? Above all: is there a copyright on such materials? And how should the rights holders of the millions of..


Artificial intelligence has been making the headlines, especially since the brilliant release of ChatGPT3 a few months ago. Beyond the technical prowess, it’s the arrival of generative artificial intelligence and..


In the program of this year´s Bologna Children´s Book Fair (BCBF 2023) topics around the use of artificial intelligence were covered by an expectably high number of events. An interesting..