Nazila Javadpour

Manager Of Saljuq Center - Saljuq, Iran

Personal information
First name: Nazila
Last name: Javadpour
Birth date: 10/2/1367
Nationality: Iranian. Turkish.
marital status: Single
address: First floor, No.1, Bldg1. in front of Ghavamin Bank, between Tapali Bagh& Aban 13th station. Emam Ave.., Tabriz- Iran

Work experience
I have bachelor degree in plant science from the University of Tabriz and a master degree in Turkish language and literature from the University of Turkey. After graduating, I taught in elementary and middle schools for a while, but after a while I stopped teaching and started publishing books and magazines. In 2014, he established the Seljuk International Publishing centre. In 2015, I worked as a manager and director of the bilingual quarterly (Turkish and Persian) named Sedaghat. currently I work as a Manager Director and Member of the Writers' Council of the Seljuk International Bilingual Quarterly (Turkish, Persian and English). In 1397, I established the first international literary and translation agency in the northwest of the country.

A summary of activities:

- Writer and translator of children and adolescents
- Translator and researcher of Documentary books in international archives in the - Field of language and history
- Founder of the Seljuk International Center.
- Founder of the first international literary and translation agency in the northwest of the country.
- Inauguration of the library in memory of deceased Dr. Mohammad Hossain Mobin (Shimshak) in Harris city, Karamjavan village.
- my various works on children and adolescent literature published in Iran, Turkey, Azerbaijan and Russia ).(the agreement between the Ministry of Ertshad will be published through the Russian Literary Agency).
- I published 43 translated works and 4 books on children's literature in Iran. .

- compiled ( writren) works:

- Torpaq Ileh Ghalam Hikayeh Lari, (Turkish), -
- Fedakar Peasant, (Turkish-Persian) -
- The biography of Amir Arshad Khan. Qaradagh of Azerbaijan,(Persian)
- Little red( golden) fish, (Persian) - The book Little Red Fish has been published in three countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia and Turkey). This book has been licensed for education and study in Turkey by the Turkish Ministry of Education for primary schools, in according to an agreement set on 3737/230.

Some of translated works:

- Pack of twelve versions of Qarah Gozami Jan (Turkish and Persian) -
- Pack of six versions of Miniature Laurel Donya Masallari (Turkish and Persian)
- Maqam Eshgh (Persian) - Turks in Stone - Dashdaki Turkler (Turkish, Persian and English)
- The valuable work of the late Perot Somuncoglu entitled "Turks in Stone - Dashdaki Turkler" will be published in the near future by "Selcuk" Publications in Turkish, Persian and English
- This work is an archival book from Turkey.
- Alim's book The Shepherd Girl (three volumes - Persian)
- Armored turtle (Persian)
- Maui Royal Goren Oshaq (Turkish and Persian) - Istress Love (Turkish) -
- khinali ghuzzi In Turkish.
- Qaghaei Balasi Ile Tolko (Turkish and Persian)
- A pack of six versions of Jeiran and his friends (Turkish and Persian)
foreign languages: Istanbul Turkish, Azerbaijani Turkish and English Examples of my translations and writings.

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