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Adiela Akoo is a Poet/Author. She is the Founder and Editor of The Quilled Ink Review Literary journal. She is also the CEO of Quilled Ink Press, an independent small pre..
Personal information First name: Nazila Last name: Javadpour Birth date: 10/2/1367 Nationality: Iranian. Turkish. marital status: Single address: First floor, No...

We are back from the Frankfurt Book Fair after a series of events that marked one year of progress for Tales of EUkraine. The Tales of EUkraine consortium touched base..

Creator and Author of Tunnel Books Master's Degree in the Science of Learning from Scranton University, Pennsylvania, USA..

Tales of EUkraine Logo The idea behind Tales of EUkraine is quite simple: to support the Ukrainian population and the Ukrainian publishing sector by publishing bilingual editions of Ukrainian children’s..

Kelly Zhang

Author, Literary Translator , Freelancer/Self-employed
Kelly Zhang is a Chinese Canadian author and literary translator working between Chinese and English. She is passionate about promoting contemporary Sinophone literature ..