The Future of Books:

Internationalization, Artificial Intelligence, and Green Sustainability (Not Forgetting Solidarity)

The Aldus Up Program at Più libri più liberi 2023

The future of books is increasingly international, technological, and green, with a focus on inclusion and solidarity. This is the snapshot of the publishing industry emerging from Aldus Up sessions within the Più libri più liberi program, dedicated to professionals and readers. This year, the collaboration with the European network of book fairs, Aldus Up, coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) and co-financed by the Creative Europe program, is confirmed to promote internationalization and innovation in the sector.

The December 7th meeting, “Editoria e Intelligenza Artificiale, il binomio possibile?” (Publishing and Artificial Intelligence: A Possible Partnership?”), at 2:00 PM, will delve into the challenges and opportunities posed by the spread of generative Artificial Intelligence in the content world.

Internationalization takes center stage on December 7th with sessions ” Import export e altre forme di internazionalizzazione nell’era post-Covid” (Import-Export and other forms of internationalization in the Post-Covid Era), at 11:30 AM, presenting import/export data on the rights of Italian publishing houses in 2022, and ” Italia – Germania 2024. Come tu mi vedi?”  (Italy – Germany 2024: How Do You See Me?”), at 3:00 PM, preparing for the upcoming Buchmesse and exploring relationships and opportunities between publishers in the two countries.

The world of comics is the focus of two meetings: on December the 6th, “I mestieri del fumetto: la traduzione” (jobs in the comics sector: the translation) at 4:00 PM will address the professional translations of comics; on December 8th, “Dopo il botto. Lettori e libri a fumetti a tre anni dal boom di mercato”(Readers and Comic Books Three Years After the Market Boom”) at 5:00 PM, will provide an updated overview of the sector.

Addressing questions on measuring reading, defining reader profiles, and the impact of how we measure reading on editorial policies, the session “Se non basta più chiedere «hai letto un libro». Indagare la lettura in un Paese che cambia” (“If Asking ‘Have You Read a Book?’ Isn’t Enough Anymore: Investigating Reading in a Changing Country”), December 8th, 11:30 AM, will explore these topics. In a changing reading landscape, the discussion in “È vero che in Italia pubblichiamo troppi libri?” (“Is It True That We Publish Too Many Books in Italy?”) December 8th, 6:00 PM, will delve into the growth of published titles and compare the situation in other countries.

In the coming years, publishing must become more inclusive and environmentally friendly. The seminar 100 settimane all’European Accessibility Act: i piccoli editori LIA raccontano l’accessibilità (“100 Weeks to the European Accessibility Act: Small LIA Publishers Talk Accessibility” ) on December 8th, 2:00 PM, will reveal how publishers are incorporating accessibility into their production processes to align with the new European regulations. The meeting I pilastri della sostenibilità lungo la filiera del libro” (The Pillars of Sustainability Along the Book Supply chain”) on December 9th, 11:30 AM, will propose best practices and Italian and European data on key environmental indicators to understand how the book industry can and must address the challenge of ecological transition.

All events are in Italian and will take place in the Aldus Room.

Spaces and programs dedicated to internationalization and professional training, in collaboration with Aldus Up, include the Rights Centre.

The 2023 edition of the Rights Centre will host over 50 operators from European and non-European countries, with whom the fair exhibitors can engage in one-to-one meetings. The program includes a presentation in English of the Italian publishing market to foreign operators on December 6th (AUDITORIUM, 9:00 AM) and a Fellowship Program in collaboration with AIE, supported by ICE Agency and Pro Helvetia – Swiss Arts Council, involving more than ten operators from German-speaking countries in anticipation of Italy’s role as Guest of Honor at the Frankfurt Book Fair in 2024. The Business Centre will host 27 update and professional training sessions for operators present at the fair in the first four days.

Aldus Up reaches out to the fair’s audience with initiatives promoting reading as a benefit for everyone. On December 7th, Fondazione LIA will organize a “Reading in the Dark®” session (Nettuno Room, 11:30 AM), demonstrating the potential of accessible e-books for the visually impaired.

In 2023, expressing solidarity against all wars is increasingly important. This year, Aldus Up collaborates with Tales of EUkraine, a European project co-financed by the Creative Europe program, to support the reception and integration of Ukrainian refugee children in Italy, promoting the publication and distribution of bilingual books.

Tales of EUkraine is a solidarity project between European and Ukrainian publishers. The first actively participate in producing bilingual books for children aged 3 to 8. During the fair, two Italian publishers, among the first to join the project, will propose activities for Italian and Ukrainian children in local schools.

On December 7th, Il Castoro, the first Italian publisher to release a bilingual children’s book shortly after the conflict’s outbreak, offers a bilingual reading from Oleksij Cherepanov’s book “Il custode del bosco” (11:30 AM, Venere Room). On December 8th, publisher Il Portico presents its new publication in collaboration with Tales of EUkraine, with readings from Oleksandr Shatokhin’s book “La dura vita del Ciclope” (2:00 PM, Laboratories Area).


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