Napoli Città Libro

Napoli Città Libro

Napoli Città Libro is the new Italian Book Fair whose first edition took place in Naples from 24 to 27 may 2018 and was established from the encounter between Ministry of Cultural Heritage, Museum center of Campania, Confindustria, AIE – Associazione Italiana Editori, Rai, the Italian public television, and organised by Associazione Liber@Arte, an association between 3 small publishers. It is an immersive event, designed to make the city of Naples known also from a historical and cultural point of view: the venue is chosen to enhance the history of the city. A non-traditional space was chosen for the fairs: not the abandoned shed of a closed industry, not a conference center, but a museum, a historical logo to host Napoli Città Libro, to enhance not only local culture. To suggest content that can be aggregated starting from any interest and curiosity also to international visitors: the second edition also hosted an event with European publishers.

In May 2018, just over a year after that idea began to sprout, the doors of the first edition of the Napoli Città Libro were opened.More than 20,000 visitors who participated, chose to read, and above all to write, one of the most beautiful pages of the city at the Complesso monumentale di San Domenico Maggiore: 2 thousand square metres of space, 150 exhibitors including publishing houses, magazines, associations, libraries, book shops, public bodies, start ups, 200 appointments, a guest list including about 300 authors, with great names of contemporary international literature and the most representative Italian ones, both narrative and essay writing.

From 4 to 7 April 2019 the second edition, was organized in a museum: at the Castel Sant’Elmo in Naples, to keep alive the attention between reading and art, between the book and the City, a non-traditional seat, not at a warehouse of a closed industry, not in a convention center, but in a museum. The promotion of reading in Naples has achieved the extraordinary success of over 28,000 presences, 188 italian publishers, 250 events.

“Approdi” evokes motion in place, origin, but also state in place, acceptance, taking root. The port is like a double door that on one side invites you to enter and live in a precise place and on the other it opens up on the horizon, challenging you to leave.