Festival della Lettura e dell’Ascolto – Campania Libri

Festival della Lettura e dell’Ascolto – Campania Libri

The “Festival della Lettura e dell’Ascolto – Campania Libri” is a new book fair that will be launched in 2022 from the 29th of September to the 2nd of October in the historical venue of the Royal Palace in Naples, hosting great protagonists of the national and international literary scenario.

The overall project will include presentations of new editorial publications, performance workshops, lessons, original thematic paths, and meetings so that the schedule will create a wide-ranging synergy within the cultural, entrepreneurial, and touristic systems that connect Naples to the rest of the world.

The festival will be focused on the two different ways to approach literature – reading and listening – with the aim to emphasize the value of the book itself, against the backdrop of the new digital challenges the publishing and editorial industries are now facing.

The editorial director of the event will be Massimo Adinolfi, philosopher, and University professor.