Göteborg Book Fair

Göteborg Book Fair

Göteborg Book Fair is the most important event in Scandinavia for people in the book business. The Fair is where new books are presented at stages and exhibitors’ stands and where deals are closed at the Rights Centre. It is also a manifestation of arts and culture, a four-day long literary festival where readers meet writers and writers meet readers.

A celebration of the written word and freedom of expression: the four days of the Book Fair are filled with literary talks, readings, and discussions and debates on almost every conceivable topic. It is a whirlwind of ideas and opinions, a fantastic mix of books and authors, knowledge and joy. The Seminar Program is the heart of the Fair Writers, scholars, scientists, Nobel laureates, politicians and journalists from around the world appear in readings, talks and high-profile debates. Writers and readers get to meet in seminar halls and on the floor.

The Nordic region’s largest exhibition: more than 800 exhibitors from the Nordic countries and from the rest of the world. A great opportunity to meet 100,000 visitors during the course of four days. The Rights Centre is the industry’s largest representation of publishing companies, agents and authors from the Nordic region. Göteborg Book Fair is the foremost venue for trading in Nordic literary rights. This is an ideal opportunity to promote books from all parts of the world.

Fellowship programme: Göteborg Book Fair and the Swedish Arts Council /Swedish Literature Exchange provide a Fellowship program for non-Nordic publishers and sub-agents as well as translators from Swedish into other languages, interested in attending the Göteborg Book Fair and getting to know the Swedish book market.

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