Taraka Leonardo

CEO - Dedunna Books, Sri Lanka

Inspired by his mother’s bedtime story sessions Taraka Leonardo Vipulaguna has become an avid member of the club of all time fairy tale lovers. Even as he grew up as the time was passing the child inside him did not bid farewell. Born in Sri Lanka as a millennial he began to experiment with various mediums to tell stories. As a school kid he began to make animated cartoons from the stories he heard as a tiny kid. When he had become an adult and working as a feature journalist in a magazine he was nicknamed as “Story Teller”. Up to now he has translated nearly 90 books from various languages into Sinhalese. And has written a dozen of storybooks in Sinhalese and English languages for children and young adults which are awaiting to be published in near future. And he is also energetic at social welfare as the operational director of not for profit organization “Beyond the Frame Sri Lanka”. Apart from all of this he is professionally a Software Engineer and spends his pastime as a vocalist, waltz dancer and a stamp collector. And travels around to experience the diversity in various communities and constantly tries to grab various international sources for studying the diversity around the universe. It has become his passion to experience and share the taste of diversity.

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