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Leticia Sotoca

CIO, Xercode Media Software
Chief Innovation Officer..

Angela Dickson

French to English translator, Freelance translator
French to English translations, medical documents and works on classical music. Semi-professional musician, stringed instruments are my main specialism...

Will Evans

Publisher/Executive Director, Deep Vellum
Will Evans is the founder and executive director of Deep Vellum, an award-winning nonprofit literary arts organization founded in 2013 dedicated to bringing the world int..

Svetlozar Zhelev

Editor in Bulgarian National television, "The Library". Editor-in-Chief Literature of ARTIzanin magazin for arts and culture, literary consiltant and literary agent. Former publisher and Director of NAtional Book Center of Bulgaria, Bulgarian National Television
Publisher of Ciela Publishing 2003 - 2012 Member of Board of Bulgarian Book Association - 2006 - 2009 Founder and Editor-in-Chief of GRANTA Bulgaria magazine for new w..

Michela Bennici

Literary Agent, Bennici & Sirianni Literary Agency
Bennici&Sirianni literary agency is based in Rome. We represent Italian authors in Italy and abroad, helping them manage all aspects of their work with our professio..

Alessio Pia

Foreign Rights Manager, Agenzia Letteraria Kalama
Dedicated and seasoned publishing consultant with background in media and vast experience in all stages of publishing. In the past nine years I have worked with publishin..