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Kelly Zhang

Author, Literary Translator , Freelancer/Self-employed
Kelly Zhang is a Chinese Canadian author and literary translator working between Chinese and English. She is passionate about promoting contemporary Sinophone literature ..
Sono autrice e cantasstorie mi occupo di allenamento della fantasia attraverso percorsi di gioco con la scrittura per grandi e piccini. Il mio brand si chiama The Storyt..

Magdalena Klieber

teacher for children with special needs, Schulzentrum Hebbelplatz
My job, which has now been my profession for more than 5 years, includes a position as a teacher at "Schulzentrum Hebbelplatz", supervising 13 to 15 year old s..
Pour Renée-Laure Zou, l’amour pour la Caraïbe et les histoires naît dans l’enfance, alors qu’elle grimpe aux arbres, rêve, et donne vie à ce qu’elle observe ..

Bulwach Sereechaiporn

Foreign Rights Agent, Children's Books Out There
Hi. My name is Tarn (Bulwach Sereechaiporn), a foreign rights agent for children's books 0-18 years old. I have been working as a translator and editor of children&..
Inspired by his mother’s bedtime story sessions Taraka Leonardo Vipulaguna has become an avid member of the club of all time fairy tale lovers. Even as he grew up as th..