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A publishing industry that is increasingly focused abroad, less concentrated on new releases and bestsellers and more on catalogue and long tail titles, capable of meeting an evolving demand for..

Emanuele Malpezzi

Rights Assistant & Scouting, Piergiorgio Nicolazzini Literary Agency
Negotiating deals for domestic and foreign rights ..
Highly skilled and experienced Translator with a strong background in translating all Documents in Azerbaijani, Turkish, English, Spanish, German, Russian, and Georgian. ..
Founded by Marco Nardini, Otago Literary Agency raised anchor in 2010. Vito di Battista joined the crew in 2016 as Foreign Rights manager. Our crow’s nest is in Bolog..
Dr. Elizabeth DeNoma is a freelance editor, translator, and publishing consultant with deep expertise in international literature. She's worked at University of Wash..

Misha Hoekstra

Translator (Danish to English), writer, songwriter, Misha Hoekstra
Translated fiction includes works by Tine Høeg, Dorthe Nors, Christian Jungersen, Maren Uthaug & HC Andersen Recipient of several literary fellowships from the Da..