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Writer and publisher - Kitapdostu Publishing House, Turkey

Kitapdostu Yayınları (Kitapdostu Publishing House)
Erman Basım Yayın Dağıtım (Kitapdostu Yayınları) was founded in 2010. We published totally 131 books up to day. Only last year we published 5 books. At the same time, we are serving as a marketing company in publishing area. We support 8 different publishing houses’ about their marketing process. We are wide range of products. Main areas we publish;
- Biography,
- History,
- Literature,
- Music,
- Travelling,
- Religions History,
- Politics,
- Ottoman History,
- Personel Growth,
- Pictured children books,

Temel Eser Yayınları (Temel Eser Publishing House)
Temeleser is other trademark which is belong our company. This publishing mark -like kitapdostu- uses universal standards in every field- in publishing sector. Temeleser publishes books on scientific and world literature. It is founded in 2010 too and published first book in 2018.
All in all, we are currently carrying out feasibility studies in the United Arab Emirates and Germany. In case we deem appropriate, we will open branches in both countries, and we will add German, Arabic and English to our publishing languages alongside Turkish.

International Projects

The Power of Love and Its Scars – English -Behich Ozevlat
EL PORDER Del Amor y Cicatrices – Spanish -Behich Ozevlat
Abenteuer der Tiere - German -Nursel Sokolowsky
Adventures of the animals - English -Nursel Sokolowsky
Islamic Art in China - English - Yang Guiping
Hua Mu Lan - Chinese - Fei Hai & Wei Miao
Jangar Master of Bomuba - Chinese - Huimin Liu
A Paradise Lost: The Imperial Garden Yuanming Yuan - English -Young-tsu Wong
Confucius Wisdom - English - Casper Shih
Never Lost Toy Store - Chinese - Ge Jing
Çin Kültüründe Anahtar Kavramlar - English - Yuan Jixi

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