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Yanina Audisio

English to Spanish translator, Independent
Poet and narrator. English to Spanish Translator. Audisio Yanina y Sironi Federico (2023). Fantasmas de lo sublime. Poesía en lengua inglesa en torno a la finitud..

Engin Memiş

Writer and publisher, Kitapdostu Publishing House
Kitapdostu Yayınları (Kitapdostu Publishing House) Erman Basım Yayın Dağıtım (Kitapdostu Yayınları) was founded in 2010. We published totally 131 books up to da..

European publishing, especially that of smaller countries, needs support to break into foreign marketsand a huge imbalance persists between titles bought and sold, compared to the English-language market. At the..

We are back from the Frankfurt Book Fair after a series of events that marked one year of progress for Tales of EUkraine. The Tales of EUkraine consortium touched base..

Alan Dawud

Publishing company manager, Alan Books