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EpubSystems is an innovating solution driven company which assists publishers, book vendors and institutes to make an easy and smooth transition into the ePub era. Our e..

Svetlozar Zhelev

Editor in Bulgarian National television, "The Library". Editor-in-Chief Literature of ARTIzanin magazin for arts and culture, literary consiltant and literary agent. Former publisher and Director of NAtional Book Center of Bulgaria, Bulgarian National Television
Publisher of Ciela Publishing 2003 - 2012 Member of Board of Bulgarian Book Association - 2006 - 2009 Founder and Editor-in-Chief of GRANTA Bulgaria magazine for new w..

The 15th TBF opens its gates to the public with the motto  “We listen, we read, we discuss!” On Thursday, May 3, 2018, the 15th Thessaloniki Book Fair, opens its gates..

Sandra Sobanska

Growth Manager / Research, Oyalabs
Leading customer acquisition and business development at Oyalabs - building the first NLP/AI mobile platform for monitoring and improving a child's brain development..
Editor in chief at LA CASE Books, an American/Italian #Ebook and #Audiobook publisher based in Los Angeles. I'm also President of Sugarpulp Cultural Association that..
Virgibooks is the imprint of Virginia Creative Studios LTD., an entertainment company founded in 2016. We're an English and Italian language publisher of fiction w..