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Beste Bal

Co-Director, Turkish Literature Abroad (TURLA/YATEDAM)
I'm working as the co-director of the Turkish Literature Abroad (YATEDAM) office of BASYAYBIR. The main aim of this office is to promote the Turkish publishers a..
Nakiri is an innovative platform dedicated to publishing rights commercialization and valorization. From a language to another, from a format to another Nakiri assists it..

Fabián Mastrangelo

Foreign Rights, ¡Más Pimienta!
Soy Licenciado en Negocios Internacionales e Integración por la Universidad Católica del Uruguay. Tengo una amplia experiencia en el mercado internacional del libro. So..
Consultancy speciaizing in international book markets and professional educational programs. Reports include Diversity Reports on translated fiction, Global eBook report..

The Federation of European Publishers (FEP) represents 29 national associations of publishers from the European Union and the European Economic Area Member States. The present survey is based on reports..


On 5 December,  an international conference on ‘Common challenges’ for small and medium publishers in Europe was held at the Rome Book Fair in the framework of Aldus project. A..