Soothe Lee

Literary agent - LeMon Three Agency, China

I'm Soothe Lee, once a publisher, foreign rights planning editor, the founder of LeMon Three Agency. I have engaged in the book publishing industry for decades and have a passion and love for books. I am good at hunting brilliant works from the world, and I know well the publishing market in China. Many titles I have issued established great success in publishing. And I have a special vision for authors and the development of the publication.
In my thirty-something, I want to make a pioneer literary agency in China, to make an excellent bridge between China and the world. So after wholly 15 years as editor and publisher, I start my career as an independent agent at LeMon Three Agency.
Throughout my career, working with books, authors, agents, and publishers, I am extremely eager to make this my lifelong career, to issue more and more valuable books in her professional and passionate way.

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