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Trade publishing in Italy in 2022 (print fiction and non-fiction books sold in physical bookshops, online and through major retail chains) sold €1.671 billion in sales at cover price, with..


A publishing industry that is increasingly focused abroad, less concentrated on new releases and bestsellers and more on catalogue and long tail titles, capable of meeting an evolving demand for..

Founded by Marco Nardini, Otago Literary Agency raised anchor in 2010. Vito di Battista joined the crew in 2016 as Foreign Rights manager. Our crow’s nest is in Bolog..

2020 continues to shock – in March no one would have predicted this, or even imagined it. Ending 2020 +0.3% up on cover price value in trade channels, with 1.430..


With a turnover of 3.037 billion euros, the book market closed in positive territory in 2019, up by 2.8% on the previous year, consolidating the 2018 result (+3.0%). The figure..


How is the book market doing after the pandemic and the weeks when bookstores closed during the lock-down? How is going the recovery in sales with respect to the losses..