Yannick Geens

Grants manager - Flanders Literature, Belgium

I first explored the world of international book markets during the Guest of Honour programme of Flanders & The Netherladns at the Frankfurter Buchmesse in 2016 ("Dies ist, was wir teilen").

Currently working as a grants manager and policy officer at Flanders Literature (www.flandersliterature.be) where I mainly work on drama text.
As coordinator of the Every Story Matters - making books more inclusive project (funded by Creative Europe; www.everystorymatters.eu) I have a specific interest in how we can make the book sector more welcoming for everyone, regardless of their gender, race, socio-economic background, sexual preference, ability or migration experience. With Every Story Matters, Flanders Literature and five other partner organisations we are working hard to connect publishers advocating for change and to make inclusion happen.

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