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Yulia Valova

Head of publishing projects, Ranok PH
Head of publishing projects..
I have over 15-years of international experience in strategic and operational marketing, with a proven track record in market insight and research. I am absolutely keen t..

Timdrave Drave

Translator, Click For Translation
Tim is a passionate & trained translator having a wealth of practical industry experience and knowledge to translate all kinds of business documents. He has worked wi..

Paul Gerbino

President, Triumvirate Content Consultants
Our services are designed to help publishers find new customers, drive revenue, and increase brand reach. We unleash the untapped value within your content assets...

In 2020, the pandemic had a disruptive effect on the book fairs landscape and raised questions on their future after the emergency. Shall book fairs evolve quickly? Shall they introduce..


Due to the pandemic, the 90th edition of Lisbon Bookfair has been postponed to late August, early September. It seemed the most appropriate timing as the weather is still mild..