This guide presents most of the addresses and reference details of professionals in the publishing sector, for both Italian and foreign operators concerned with the import/export of books and publishing rights regarding the publishing market: an accessible, useful tool for anyone looking for connections to work with the Italian marketplace.

In recognition of the growing importance of internationalization and to promote knowledge and the exchange of publications and literary products between Italy and other countries, the Italian Publishers Association and Giornale della Libreria, with the ICE Agency contribution, have updated and expanded – as they do now since 2008 – Italian books abroad, the “yellow pages” in English for the editorial imports and exports between Italy and the rest of the world.

Discovering the identity of book professionals is a good starting point for understanding the market and its potential, as it’s also important to know physically where to turn to get books in Italian language to be distributed in each country . The need for a tool like this is even greater now that the Italian titles are experiencing an increasing rise in popularity in the world, reaching an audience gradually wider and getting more attention from critics and media.

As for Italy, the list does not include publishers who sell their books abroad directly. For other countries, alongside importers and distributors, the publication considered bookstores and bookstore chains that claim to have a large assortment of Italian books and some Italian libraries abroad, selected among those most known and appreciated.

Italian books abroad (and foreign books in Italy) 2016, in English, is available for download HERE.