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veronica epis

Project Manager, Reproscan
Content management Digital Production..

Daniele Giampà

Digital Publisher, EDGE DPUB
I am undertaking a PhD research study on enhanced ebooks. I am the founder of the digital first publishing compnany EDGE DPUB...

On 12 September, the Federation of European Publishers, in collaboration with the Cooperation of Greek Book Publisher Associations, organised an Aldus event “Technology, law and economics: the rationale”, as part..

Leticia Sotoca

CIO, Xercode Media Software
Chief Innovation Officer..

SIGMUND TALKS is a personal marketing assistant. As chatbot, it advises and accompanies bloggers, content creators, marketers and agencies to achieve their marketing goals. Thanks to artificial intelligence and a..

Olaf Bryan Wielk

Founder and managing partner, Beemgee GmbH
British, yet a career in German publishing (Rowohlt, Carlsen). Founder of, the tool authors use to outline plots and develop characters and generally get ..