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Literary agent specialised in children's and YA books...
Well-experienced translator and writer...

Veronika Chaloupková

Editor / foreign rights (sales), Argo Publishers
Joined Argo Publishers three years ago after four years experience at the Literary departement of Dilia Agency . I work as a literary agent for our Czech authors and as a..
I'm studying publishing and Digital communication to become Editor. I'm also writing for some magazines Like Flanelle Magazine, Chicstyle magazine, Free Magazi..

Francisco Anaya

European Spanish Literary Translator, Freelance
Traductor Literario / Literaturübersetzer /Literary Translator / Traducteur Littéraire / Литературный переводчик - Linguist/Philologist ..

On 23 May 2019, the Federation of European Publishers, in cooperation with the Association of Czech Booksellers and Publishers and the Moravian Library, organised an Aldus event “Focus on the..