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Veronika Chaloupková

Editor / foreign rights (sales), Argo Publishers
Joined Argo Publishers three years ago after four years experience at the Literary departement of Dilia Agency . I work as a literary agent for our Czech authors and as a..

silvia brunelli

agent, nabu International literay and film agency
After a career as university researcher and lecturer, head of the literary agency Nabu International founded in 1989 representing acclaimed and distinguished Authors. ..
Publisher and partner at Argentinian publishing company Alto Pogo. ..
I'm studying publishing and Digital communication to become Editor. I'm also writing for some magazines Like Flanelle Magazine, Chicstyle magazine, Free Magazi..

The 14th edition of Bookfest, the most important book fair for Romanian publishers and readers, featured two events in collaboration with Aldus . The two sessions, hold on May 30,..

Nato il 16/09/1967 in Romania Residente in Italia dal 2008 Vicepresidente del Centro Culturale Kolbe Editore e graphic design..