Now in its 3rd year of activities, the ALDUS network connects 16 European Book Fairs in 13 European countries, providing a platform for collaboration and exchanges in the field of internationalization, works translations, reading promotion and digital innovation.

Significant achievements have been reached so far: ALDUS contributed to the launch of three new fellowship programmes, starting from the one by Bologna Children’s Book Fair – two editions so far – followed by Tempo di Libri in Milan – where the fellowship programme is organized in in collaboration with Frankfurt Book Fair – and the Rome Book Fair thematic fellowship initiative; in June 2018, a new global directory of translation grants has been laun­ched on ALDUS website and will be increasingly enriched by network members; the ALDUS online community, helping networking and exchanges among book professionals from different countries is fast growing internationally.

Designed as a benchmarking tool for book professionals to discover new trends in the Euro­pean Book fairs scenario, either B2B or oriented to the general audience, the new edition of ALDUS brochure confirms the dynamism and variety of the European landscape, offering an insight on national and international exhibitions, highlighting key features that make every book fair unique, both in their capacity of engaging readers and innovating their professional programme.

As in previous editions, each Book Fair profile is accompanied by a detailed grid offering key facts and figures at a glance. For easy comparison all data are reported in a summary table at the end of the publication. New features have been explored, such as the number of participa­ting countries – useful to appreciate Book Fairs’ international dimension – , the balancing of events addressing general and professional audiences, and whether book fairs access is subject to the payment of a fee.

European Book Fairs. Facts and Figures 2018 is available for download HERE