Customer engagement is a driving factor in sale points’ innovation. This is what a study by Università di Roma Tre tells us. What about bookshops? What kind of practices and suggestions can a bookshop use to build a relation with clients and territories? How to deal with readers that create value for the bookshops as well as for other shops? What is the contribution that publisher can add? Which kind of role do apps, newsletters, tactile shop windows and interactive screens have in customer engagement activities? This meeting is a sperimental format to find a new way of collaboration with Rome and Lazio’s universities within “Più libri più idee”, by involving students that can offer a different point of views and solutions to change the rules of the game.

Speakers: Michela Addis, Alessandro Alessandroni and Carmelo Calì

Chaired by Giovanni Peresson

Event organized by AIE in collaboration with Università degli Studi Roma tre