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Maria Siakalli

Publication House Co- Founder , Baranga Publications
Maria Siakalli was born in Nicosia in 1980. She is a graduate of the Department of Turkish Studies of the University of Cyprus and has completed her Postgraduate studies ..
Publishing books in Translation into Macedonian and from Macedonian language..

Daniele Giampà

Digital Publisher, EDGE DPUB
I am undertaking a PhD research study on enhanced ebooks. I am the founder of the digital first publishing compnany EDGE DPUB...

C’est l’argent, c’est le gain légitimement réalisé sur ses ouvrages qui a délivré [l’écrivain] de toute protection humiliante, qui a fait de […] l’ancien bouffon d’antichambre, un citoyen libre […]…

Lisbeth Lovén

I am an autodidact, none
I suppose I am somewhat a Rolling Stone when it comes to studies. Yet I have spent two years at Plymouth University where I studied Media Arts. Besides all other knowledg..