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Daniele Giampà

Digital Publisher, EDGE DPUB
I am undertaking a PhD research study on enhanced ebooks. I am the founder of the digital first publishing compnany EDGE DPUB...

C’est l’argent, c’est le gain légitimement réalisé sur ses ouvrages qui a délivré [l’écrivain] de toute protection humiliante, qui a fait de […] l’ancien bouffon d’antichambre, un citoyen libre […]…


The Foundation is increasingly committed to providing training and information on the subject of accessibility to realities and professionals in the publishing world, but also to companies of all kinds,..


Five startups from Germany, Denmark and England are the finalists of the CONTENTshift accelerator organised by the Börsenvereinsgruppe (Group of the German Publishers and Booksellers Association). Startups from a total of 36 applicants..