The chance for each reader to create his/her own journey and his/her own Tempo di Libri (“Time for Books”): at Fiera Milano Rho until 19:30 and, with Fuori Tempo di Libri, in town for a fantastic book party

Tempo di Libri is here at last. The countdown is ending and from 19 to 23 April the Fiera Milano Rho pavilions will be hosting the first edition of the new Italian Publishing Fair. It will be a fantastic, innovative party; starting from relations between publishers, authors and readers. Publishers were involved directly in the program: not as external parties, but as advisers; authors replied to the invitation to take part in meetings that are not the normal book presentation routine, with curiosity and enthusiasm; then readers will be the true protagonists. Using the alphabet tool (a grid dividing up event appointments) each person will be able to build – and discover – his/her personal Tempo di Libri, responding to the seduction of an author’s name, a story, a great topic, an atmosphere or just choosing a favourite letter.