This year, on August 31st and September 1st, 2023, the Portuguese Publishers and Booksellers Association (APEL) is organizing in Lisbon the first edition of Book 2.0 #The Future of Reading, which will be the largest event to discuss the future of books in Portugal and Europe.

This first edition, organized in the framework of Aldus Up, will happen alongside the Belém Book Fair that will take place from August 31st to September 3rd.

In the words of Pedro Sobral, President of APEL, “More than just an event about books, Book 2.0 is an invitation to explore together the future of books and education and to discuss solutions for the upcoming challenges. The goal of APEL, as its organizing entity, is to promote reading and drive literacy, alongside the evolution and resulting social transformations, while keeping a keen eye on new digital demands, inclusion, and sustainability – all of which are crucial for the prosperity of the industry.”

The first edition of Book 2.0 is supported by several partners in a joint mission to transform the landscape of the publishing industry in Portugal and bring prosperity to the future of reading, the future of books.

The programme of Book 2.0 is structured around three chapters:


Chapter I: The Future of Publishing in the Digital Age

The digital tsunami has profoundly transformed the literacy scenario, bringing to shore new technologies that have revolutionized the way we read and write. From iPads to Kindles, eBooks to audiobooks, social networks and, more recently, artificial intelligence.

Despite the increasing digital presence, it is in its physical composition, in its original essence, that books have been preserved throughout time. In the form of legacies. Yet, will we allow its discontinuation? Will be there a future in publishing? How to take advantage of AI and disrupt the industry?


Chapter II: From Ecological Footprint to Rethinking Diversity

Climate disruption is one of the biggest crises humanity is facing, requiring a profound transformation of the way we live and business models. The book industry is no exception, where carbon neutrality is imperative for all. How can books contribute to this planetary mission while reinforcing the power of people?

We are more than 8 billion voices inhabiting this planet where thousands and thousands remain unheard. Exploring the path of representation is one of the greatest journeys on the table. Will books be able to transform our world towards the SDGs? What place does reading occupy in the lenses of sustainability and in the mirror of representativeness?


Chapter III: Education as a gateway to unleash human potential

Education always served the purpose of preparing citizens to participate in public life. Today, the mission is broader: prepare us to navigate in a rapidly changing world, with enormous challenges at a global scale. The strictly cognitive view is now being asked to embrace a more holistic view of the world and the individual.

But we are now looking at new spaces of education, new ways of teaching and learning that are breaking the educational models as we have always known. How can the book industry leverage this transformation and grant us the passport to the world?


Info and Registration
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Museu Nacional dos Coches – Picadeiro Real
Praça Afonso de Albuquerque
1300-004 LISBOA