With a view to promoting Italian language and culture throughout the world, Italy’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation has issued a call for grants destined to allocating in 2020 up to 400,000 euros in funds to translations of books from Italian into foreign languages.

Recipients: who benefits from the grants?

The translation grants will be attributed to foreign publishers who, between June 1st and September 25th 2020, have sealed a foreign rights agreement or option with an Italian publisher to translate one of their works into their own language.

Amount of the grant

The amount of the grant will vary from a max. of 4,000 euros downwards, depending on the number of pages of the book. Attention will also be given to the literary or scientific quality of the work. Furthermore, the book must be authored by an Italian writer and have already been published in Italy in print format at the time of the request.

Applicants: who makes the requests?

Italian publishing houses, publishing groups or literary agencies must apply for grants on behalf of foreign partners by no later than October 5th 2020. Applicants must fulfill a set of requirements set out in the official call and fill out the application papers listed therein. Both the call and the application documents are downloadable at this link. They are written in Italian and will not be translated into English.

You may refer any Italian contacts with whom you may have sealed – or are planning to seal – a deal within the above mentioned time frame to the Italian Publishers Association (AIE) for any further information (segreteria@ediser.it)