With a view to promoting the translation of Italian authors into foreign languages, the Centre for Books and Reading (Cepell), an independent institute of Italy’s Ministry of Culture, has issued a call for grants allocating a total of 650,000€. The amount of each grant will vary from a min. of 500€ to a max. of 5,000€, depending on the length of the translation and other criteria laid out in the Call.

Importantly, the application must be made by the Italian party selling the translation rights on behalf of their foreign counterpart and the grant will likewise be paid to the Italian applicant, after they have provided proof of having transferred that sum in advance to the foreign publisher.

Eligible works and languages

All literary genres are eligible (except textbooks) provided that the book is written by an Italian author and has already been published in print in Italy as of the date on which the Call was published (1st July). All languages are admissible although priority will be given to translations into English, French and German.

Recipients: who benefits from the grants?

The translation grants will be attributed to foreign publishers who, between January 1st and October 29th 2021, have sealed a foreign rights agreement or letter of intent with an Italian publisher to translate a work by an Italian author into their own language.

Applicants: who makes the request?

Italian publishing houses, publishing groups or literary agencies must apply for grants on your behalf by no later than October 29th 2021, 6 pm (Italian time). Applicants must fulfill a set of requirements set out in the official call and fill out the application papers listed therein.

Contact for further information

You may refer any Italian contacts with whom you may have sealed – or are planning to seal – a deal within the above mentioned time frame to Ediser, the service company of the Italian Publishers Association in charge of collecting the applications (segreteria@ediser.it). Both the call and the application documents are in Italian and can be downloaded at this link.