Just a few months into 2020, the world has been shaken and the publishing sector and content industry in a broad sense are changing. The Covid-19 pandemic hastens the challenges and triggers innovations discussed at Readmagine during the past few years. The pioneering approaches that were presented previously at Casa del Lector now are becoming mainstream and the Readmagine community can be a useful resource for all to understand, learn and build alliances: strong partnerships are key during these difficult times. In fact, for the 2020 Readmagine was planned as a joint undertaking with the Digital Publishing Summit.

Readmagine/DPS 2020 entails a digital version of the event during the first half of June and a Boutique Edition during the last week of November. The Digital Edition offers the chance to learn, contribute and cheer up your spirit after this disgusting quarter. Hoping that this week will end with you feeling more confident with newfound insight on the latest trends and suggested powerful ideas that will serve you as a new toolkit in the coming months

Readmagine /DPS 2020 – Digital version is composed of four elements:

  • You may choose the presentations to attend by registering at each of digital sessions.
  • You will receive in advance documentation referred to each of the presentations.
  • You may interact with the panelists and the rest of the audience.
  • You may join one of the working groups in one of the virtual rooms targeting the publication of a statement document.

The main topics discussed in June during the combined events will be:

  • Consumer trends under the coronavirus effect and in-home consumption
  • Situation and challenges of the subscription model for creative content
  • The future of book sector after the Covid-19: How things will be change?
  • The raise of the Audiobook sector
  • Optimization of publishing workflows
  • Certifying ebook accessibility

Confirmed speakers include: 

  • Busch, Michael, CEO at Thalia
  • Gardeur, Hadrien. De Marque
  • McCloy-Kelley, Liisa. Penguin Random House
  • Mussinelli, Cristina. Fondazione LIA
  • O’Leary, Brian. BISG
  • Orme, Richard. DAISY
  • Reyero, Verónica. Antropología 2.0
  • Rhomberg, Andrew. Jellybooks
  • Tamblyn, Michael. CEO at Kobo Rakuten
  • Tröger, Jens. Bookalope
  • Valentine, Olivia. Senior Analyst at GlobalWebIndex
  • Weck, Daniel. EDRLab
  • Wikberg, Erik / Borg, Alexandra. Stockholm School of Economics
  • Wischenbart, Rüdiger. Wischenbart Consulting