What tools do the intermediaries of literature need in order to devise innovative promotion formats? The Frankfurt Book Fair presents three successful models.

The Network of European Book Fairs, ALDUS, is a project co-funded by the Creative Europe programme of the European Union. Its aim is to increase the professionalism with which literature is promoted in the relevant markets. This workshop will present three successful models, drawing on the example of the Frankfurt Book Fair. After the presentations, the participants will discuss the following questions together: How can collective stands at book fairs be made more interactive? How can we attract more European authors to appear at book fairs? How would it be possible to nurture the inter-European licensing trade? How can European publishers network more effectively? The workshop will kick off a four-year strategy process intended to develop the promotion of literature across Europe through building a sustainable and professional network of European book fairs.

This event is held within the Business Club programme.