ARDITO, the EU-funded project coordinated by the Italian Publishers Association through its IT branch mEDRA, will participate to the conference Developing the Digital Marketplace for Copyrighted Works of the Department of Commerce’s Internet Policy Task Force on 25th January.

The conference is the second public meeting dedicated to innovative initiatives to advance the digital marketplace for copyrighted content, and is focussed on standards and technologies to enhance the access to creative content, as well as around the role of the institutions to support such innovations.

ARDITO representative Anna Lionetti will seat in the panel session Global perspectives, where panellists will present initiatives in their respective countries and discuss how technology can enhance the use and re-use of creative works, and the role of government.

ARDITO, kicked-off in 2017, is developing practical tools mostly targeted to the SMEs, in order to improve the automated management of rights and licensing information in the publishing, image and audio-visual sectors. In a highly dynamic and cross-sector content industry, ARDITO value lies both in its technology capacity, as well as in the ability to build an ecosystem of services to support the SMEs business with innovative tools to monetize the re-use of content. Furthermore, as highlighted by ARDITO project manager Paola Mazzucchi, “the participation of ARDITO to one of the most important meetings worldwide proves the broad perspective of this initiative”.

The business case of ARDITO is available here on the ALDUS K-Hub.