Here follows the full calendar of Aldus events scheduled between 6 -8 December 2017  at PLPL, the Rome Book Fair.

December 6

Essere piccoli in un mondo sempre più grande
15.30, Aldus Room

A comparison, starting from the Nielsen survey on the small publishing market in Italy from 2010 until today, to measure the performance of the sector compared to that of similar markets in other countries. How small publishers reacted in these years and how they have changed.

Speakers: Gregorio Pellegrino, Alessandro Gallenzi, Renata Gorgani, Petra Kavčič, Monica Manzotti and Urpu Strellman

Quando le librerie cambiano volto
16.30, Aldus Room

Italian libraries, but also foreign ones, in these years were not just standing aside looking at the transformations of the market, the growth of the ebook and the even stronger e-commerce. Which roads can independent bookshops take with a few hundred square meters of surface and how can they find innovative forms to enhance the production of small and medium publishing.

Speakers: Lorenzo Armando, Rosario Marotta and Barbara Pieralice

December 7

Politiche culturali europee a confronto
10.30, Aldus Room

A perspective, not only national, of institutional policies for books and culture and the economic resources connected to them and the role given by countries to reading support policies, internationalization and translations.

Speakers: Diego Guida, Mireille Berman, Romano Montroni, Enrico Turrin and Bernadette Vincent


Vediamo libri e leggiamo film. Proporre diritti ai produttori cinematografici o televisivi è un’altra cosa
11.30, Aldus Room

Publishers believe that selling rights to film, television, or video game producers is a similar activity to the sale of rights to their foreign colleagues. In reality what other content industries look for is not a book to be translated but a story to be told on a different technological platforms and with different languages. Here are the guidelines to orientate yourself in this business.

Speakers: Emanuele De Giorgi, Marco Bonini, Maria Francesca Gagliardi and Max Giovagnoli

Cosa accende le fiere del libro. Alla ricerca di format e servizi innovativi per fiere e festival
15.30, Aldus Room

How international fairs or festivals in sectors other than those of the book, develop innovation strategies aimed at increasing the involvement of visitors and professional audiences. Some suggestions and a different and widened visual angle compared to which we are used to see in these events.

Speakers: Emanuele De Giorgi, Michela Addis, Alberto Ibba and Fabio Ilardi

December 8

Per far viaggiare i vostri libri
11.30, Aldus Room

Translations are increasing, in Italy and in the world. And the Fairs with their rights centers are the modern bazaars for the exchange of cultural goods. A meeting with organizations that support translations. We will present the first updated data of the import export survey of rights by AIE and Ice – Agency.

Speakers: Carlo Gallucci, Lucas Andrés Gioja, Antoni Planas Sanjosé, Lorenzo Ribaldi and Bernadette Vincent

Portali di scambio. Fiere del libro in America latina
14.30, Aldus Room

The sale and purchase of rights in Latin American countries has grown significantly over the years. The same question (in Italy) of books by Central and South Americans storytellers has been experiencing a new season of interest. A meeting in which some operators of book fairs in Central and South America present to Italian publishers the opportunities that their markets offer and chances to build events for the exchange of rights, the promotion of reading and innovation.

Speakers: Diego Guida, Henrique Mota, Francisca Muñoz, Paola Seghi and Raúl Pérez Torres