Marta Cisa Munoz

Translator - Marta Cisa translations, United Kingdom

I started my translation freelance business back in January 2017, and have since been offering linguistic services in all of my language combinations. Raised in a bilingual Spanish and Catalan environment, I graduated from a degree in Translation and Interpreting from Pompeu Fabra University (Barcelona, Spain) with English and French. Following that, I headed to London to work for a language service provider before deciding to become a freelance linguist. After specialising in literary translation during my university degree, I have kept on taking courses specialising in different fiction subgenres. Recently, I have trained in Digital Marketing for the Book Industry (European University Miguel de Cervantes) to help the books I translate be successful in their target markets after publishing.
On top of that, I also joined the Society of Authors (United Kingdom) as a literary translator, and am a full member of the literary translators' association ACE traductores (Spain).

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