Angela Ragusa

translator/writer - myself, Italy

2011 - Nominated for the Prize "Critici in Erba" (Young Critics) for the book La casa delle rondini
2010 – Joint (with her husband, visual artist William Woolf) Artist-in-Residence at the Grand Canyon National Park (Nov. 2010) and at Flagstaff Monument National Park (Dec.2010)
Nominated for the Prize “Nati per Leggere” (Born to read) for the book Luci di Mezzanotte
Nominated for the Prize “Critici in Erba” (Young Critics) for the book L’Albero delle 1000 dolcezze
2009 - Premio Libro per L'Ambiente XI edizione 2009 (Luci di Mezzanotte) - best children's fiction book releated to environment

2008 - Premio Nazionale Letteratura per l'Infanzia Sardegna V edizione 2007-2008 (I Cavalieri del Vento) - best children's fiction book of the year

2006 - Premio Cento XXVIII edizione 2006 (I Cavalieri del Vento) - best children's fiction book of the year

2004 - IBBY (International Board on Books for Young People) "Honor List" - Best Translator of Children's Books into Italian.

1995 - Premio Andersen-Baia delle Favole - "Best Children’s Book Translator of the year."

Mondadori Ragazzi
1. I have translated more than 250 children's books, mostly from English into Italian
A few Selected Authors:
Carl Sandburg: Rootabaga Stories
Philip Ridley, Pink Flamingoes, Scribbleboy, Meteorite Spoon,
Krindlekrax, Mercedes Ice, Kasper in the Glitter, ZinderZunder
Melvin Burgess: An Angel for May, Loving April, Junk, Tiger Tiger
Terry Pratchett: Carpet People, Johnny and the Dead, Johnny and the
Bomb, Only you can Save the Mankind
Gary Paulsen: Dancing Carl, The Schernoff Discovery, Brian's Winter,
The Foxman, Sarnie
Russel Hoban: The Trokeville Way
Mark Helprin: A City in Winter
Paul Stewart & Chris Riddell: The Edge Chronicles: 1. Beyond the
Deepwoods, 2. Stormchaser, 3. (publ. next year) Midnight over
Virginia Euwer Wolff: Make Lemonade, The Mozart Season
Margaret Mahy, The Other Side of Silence
Muriel Spark, The French Window
2. I have edited more than 150 children's books translated by
others (from English, Spanish, and French into Italian).
3. I'm also employed to read foreign books (English and Spanish)
and make recommendations to several italian publishers for
publication in Italy.

Developer and directing editor for "Altrimondi" series.
Developer and directing editor for "A World of Differences "


Le torri di fuoco, Piemme Junior, will be publ. 2014
La casa delle rondini, Piemme Junior, Casale Monferrato 2010
I guardiani della notte, Piemme Junior, Casale Monferrato 2009
L’albero delle 1000 dolcezze, Giunti Junior, Firenze 2009
Luci di mezzanotte, Piemme Junior, Casale Monferrato, 2008
I cavalieri del vento, Piemme Junior, Casale Monferrato 2006
Astolfo sulla Luna, Mondadori 2003
Atlante della Vita Quotidiana, Touring Club Junior, DoGi, Firenze 2003
Tanti modi di abitare, La Biblioteca, Firenze 2002
Tanti modi di mangiare, La Biblioteca, Firenze 2001
Gilgamesh, Il mondo favoloso dei Sumeri, La Biblioteca, Firenze 2001.

Short Stories
Al fuoco! Al fuoco!, L’Avvenire (ins. Popotus), May 2013
Voler bene a mamma e papà, L’Avvenire (ins. Popotus), May 2012
La grande fuga, L’Avvenire (ins. Popotus), March 2011
La donna dei gatti, L’Avvenire (ins. Popotus), Apr. 2010
Carla Grande, L’Avvenire (ins. Popotus), Jan. 2009
Attenti a Godzilla, L’Avvenire (ins. Popotus), Oct. 2008

Traduttrice Traditrice, Liber, Oct-Dic. 2012
La sfida del traduttore, “Nae”, anno VII, n° 24, autunno 2008.

"Introduzione" a Tre Uomini in Barca (Three Men in a Boat) by Jerome K. Jerome, pp. 5-12, Giunti Editore 2007.

"Introduzione" a Cime Tempestose (Wuthering Heights) by Emily Bronte, pp. 5-16, Giunti Editore 2005.

La giornata del traduttore, “Annuario Andersen” 2004.
Tradurre: un mestiere o un'arte?, “Kykéion”, n° 5, May 2001, un estratto di quest'articolo è stato pubblicato sulla rivista Liber n° 54 (2001).

Benvenuti a Villa Montalvo-Ghiacciaossa: un'intervista ad Anthony Horowitz, “Segnali di Lettura-Liber”, 7-8, giugno 2001, Campi Bisenzio (Fi).

Editor and Director for Children's Books

Employed to read fantasy books (English) and make recommendations for publication in Italy.

Editor of the Grolier Academic American Encyclopedia for the Italian publisher (LE LETTERE)

Editor of essays for: literature, philosophy, history, art history

Italian - fluent: native speaker
English - fluent: reading, writing, speaking
Spanish - fluent: reading, writing, speaking
French - fluent: reading; medium: writing, speaking

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