SIGMUND TALKS is a personal marketing assistant. As chatbot, it advises and accompanies bloggers, content creators, marketers and agencies to achieve their marketing goals. Thanks to artificial intelligence and a unique content co-creation process, users can create better content in half the time. The founders of the Hamburg-based startup are Marc Süß  and Michael Schmitt, who combine creativity with technology in their brand DNA. The team strongly believes that the future of artificial intelligence can support people – and even foster their creativity.

Business needs

The advertising industry is growing, especially in the area of content marketing – according to PQ Media’s annual Global Branded Entertainment Forecast, the market has grown to a $16 billion industry worldwide. Nevertheless, marketing today is facing a series of challenges. On one hand, with over 120 channels to manage content delivery and marketing, marketers must cope with complexity (from tv ads to newsletter marketing to facebook ads). On the other hand, content creation becomes more and more time intensive, especially for small and medium-sized companies who consider digital and social media too time-consuming to implement. After all, poorly managed content as well as inefficient and ineffective campaigns led to an estimated loss of $958M each year for B2B organizations (Gleanster Research). also the publishing industry is facing marketing challenges like video ads, branded and sponsored content, functional to secure revenue and push subscriptions (Reuters Institute „Journalism, Media, and Technology Trends and  Predictions 2018).


The personal assistant for content co-creation, SIGMUND TALKS helps users to achieve their marketing goals, to create high quality content and to automate their marketing tasks.

Sigmund guides users along the entire content creation process – from the first idea to the publication. Based on the briefing data from each user, Sigmund advises them on their topic, target groups, formats and stylistic elements. With its artificial intelligence Sigmund generates structured and pre-formulated marketing content. Besides the content creation, users can easily automate their marketing tasks by talking to Sigmund.

sigmundtalks chatbot

The role of technology

Sigmund’s core technology is built on an artificial intelligence, consisting of a mixture of machine learning and natural language generation algorithms. Besides, Sigmund advises users on an effective marketing strategy, guides them through the process of content creation and provides context-based advice. The results are context-based advise as well as structured and pre-formulated marketing texts. SIGMUND TALKS will be available with a solution for marketing blogs within the next month.


After the CONTENTshift program, the startup initiated several pilot projects with partners from the publishing industry. These included tests to ensure the quality of customer-generated input as well as optimization of native advertising content formats.

At the moment, SIGMUND TALKS is part of the Next Media Accelerator in Hamburg. The team is currently conducting user-tests in a closed beta to optimize their technology for the market launch. Sigmund will soon be available on a monthly subscription base. Stay tuned for more and check out

About CONTENTshift

CONTENT shift is a four-month international program organised by the Börsenvereinsgruppe to promote startups active in areas relating to the book and publishing industry. Each startup receives comprehensive coaching and advice from experts and is given access to an exclusive network of industry companies, founders and investors. In 2018, 32 startups from nine countries had applied. Of the five finalists who completed the program, SIGMUND TALKS and the Latvian startup SummarizeBot  were awarded „Content Start Up of the year“ by industry leaders on the Frankfurt Book fair.