Learn more on the new Creative Europe call for proposals for ‘Support to Literary translations projects’, the European Commission’s programme for European publishers supporting the promotion and access to EU translated literature.

The Creative Europe call for proposals will be opened until May 23, 2018 and will provide financial support to translation projects aimed at promoting the circulation of EU literary works.

The programme will support structured editorial projects, either developed on a two year or three year timeframe and addressing the translation and promotion of packages of literary works (and not individual works), with particular attention to the usage of digital tools for promotional strategies.

Here you can access to the detailed presentation of the Creative Europe Programme and the Literary translation scheme gave by Marzia Santone, project officer at Creative Europe Desk Italy in occasion of the Aldus event at Tempo di Libri Book Fair on EU initiatives supporting the publishing sector.

The presentation, which was further detailed after the publication of the Creative Europe call for support to literary translation projects, provides comprehensive information about the objectives and priorities of the call and the eligibility criteria for translations projects, countries and languages addressed by the programme.


The presentation can be accessed HERE

All the documentation to apply to the call is available on the website of the Agency in charge of the programme, the EACEA (Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency): https://eacea.ec.europa.eu/creative-europe/funding/support-literary-translation-projects-2018_en