The Foundation is increasingly committed to providing training and information on the subject of accessibility to realities and professionals in the publishing world, but also to companies of all kinds, which each year produce documents and different types of publications. In order to understand the importance of an all-round accessibility, that is to say that it touches all the steps of the supply chain (from production to distribution, from sales to the end user), it recently released a technical paper E-books for all. Towards an accessible publishing ecosystem:

The awareness of how the theme of accessibility is felt to be increasingly urgent and necessary passes from the interest shown in this document, which was downloaded by the main institutions of the publishing world, such as the French Ministry of Culture, the US Department of Education, Copyright Licensing New Zealand, Directorate General de Publicaciones y Fomento Editorial Mexico, British Columbia Accessibility Secretariat, Börsenverein des Deutschen Buchhandels, Syndacat National Edition, International Publishers Association. In addition to the realities that deal with accessibility, first of all, the Daisy Consortium, and from the main technological companies (Amazon, Kobo, Apple) and from publishers like Hachette Livres, Penguin Random House. In less than two months, 225 downloads have been done from all over the world (72 only from Canada and the USA where the discourse on accessibility has been felt for years, but also by Asian and South American realities).

The interest in the topic is growing especially in Europe (133 downloads), where there is an increasing interest in understanding how to build a functional system that guarantees the accessibility of publications on all levels, also in anticipation of implementation of the European Accessibility Act which will make it mandatory from 2025 to produce and distribute accessible digital publications. These are encouraging numbers because they mean that we are starting to move with more concrete steps towards accessibility.

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