Technology is the driver of innovation in book publishing – this hasn’t changed since Gutenberg invented the printing press. Yet what’s new today is that technology = digitization touches on everything in the sector: from production to distribution, to consumption, from business models, competences and skills to the value networks. Do we have a European answer to these challenges? Or does each publisher need to face this challenge individually? International guests from publishers associations (Germany, Netherlands, Europe) and an incubator (Rockstart) discuss:  How can we support innovation in the sector? What are the most urgent “building sites”? How can we draw and foster talent? How can we build nurturing networks which fuel the energy to “do something new” – and cut transaction costs for all?  What is the “outsider”’ view on publishing – and what does it feel like to be an “inside innovator”?


Enrico Turrin, Federation of European Publishers (FEP)

Ute Lütkenhaus, Head of Strategy & Innovation German Publishers & Booksellers Association

Sander Ruys, Maven Publishing, Dutch Publishers Association

Jan Paul Grollé, Rockstart

Moderator: Nina Klein