The ARDITO final conference “Upgrading the Internet” is the closing event of the ARDITO EU co-funded project, aimed at providing a suite of technological solutions to make rights and licensing information of creative content easily available to users on the Internet.

The conference will feature the Finnish MEP Henna Virkkunen as keynote speaker, rapporteur for last year’s online platforms report of the European Parliament, and sessions will be moderated by Jens Bammel, independent consultant for the publishing sector. After MEP’s Virkkunen address, ARDITO project partners will be showcasing their innovative tools and market-driven services to support creators and SMEs in the creative content sector in the effective management of rights and licensing data. These tools are based on permanent identifiers such as watermarks, visual recognition systems and resolvable IDs, and are designed to help users find out about rights permissions directly from the content they have discovered on the Web. A final panel will look into the potential impact that these tools may have on the rights permission systems and copyright system at the EU level, and a Q&A session will be held to close the presentation.

The event is free but participants must register here.