Fondazione LIA – FEP – EDItEUR are organizing the workshop ‘An accessible digital publishing ecosystem How to get the best of the Marrakech Treaty and the European Accessibility Act for all involved’ at the 2019 editon of the London Book Fair.

Incoming national and international laws are supporting the demand for accessible content, not only encouraging the production of digital accessible books, but also requiring that the whole value chain embraces accessibility.
On the one hand, the Treaty of Marrakech has now entered into force (the individual Member States of the European Union have ratified it in recent months), on the other hand, the European Accessibility Act will be approved the day after this Workshop, on 14th March, with consequences for the entire digital publishing chain (publishers, digital distributors, online e-book stores, software developers, e-reader manufacturers).

It is thus very important that all the actors of the supply chain become aware about the role they can (must) play in the accessible digital ecosystem, to be compliant with new legislative requirements. One of the key issues to address to avoid duplication of work is how to inform Authorized Entities and end users with print disabilities about the accessibility features of the e-books, so that they can buy content accessible through the trade channels. To solve this we need to have everyone around the table.


  • The incoming EU legislation – Enrico Turrin – Deputy Director FEP
  • An Accessible Publishing Ecosystem – Cristina Mussinelli – Secretary General Fondazione LIA
  • Metadata Standard on accessibility – Graham Bell – Executive Director EDItEUR
  • Exchanges with participants

Partecipation is upon invitation only.

This event is organized in the framework of ALDUS the European bookfairs’ network