Sarah Bullen

Literary Agent - Kent Literary, South Africa

Do you have a story to tell? A message to share? A life to record? Or do you want to catapult your business or brand by becoming an author?

The Writing Room provides a structured system to help writers who want to become authors. We build a relationship through this creative process by community, connections and friendship. We have many ways we can work together.

As a literary agency we like books to be commercially publishable - and over 100 published authors will show you that it works. At the end of our process, and if you really commit to it, ​you will have a book ready to submit or to publish.

The founder, Sarah Bullen is a multi-published author, international writing coach and literary agent. As well as being a regular guest on talk shows, podcasts and writers’ circles, Sarah has been leading international writing retreats and adventures for the past decade.

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