visual artist - Ateliê Rodrigo Nardotto, Brazil

Rodrigo Nardotto was born in Brasília, Brazil. He is
graduated in Social Communication at Uniceub –
Centro Universitário de Brasília (2007). He began
studying drawing and painting in 2009 by himself,
under the supervisionof the plastic artist Déia

He produces his art in acrylic paint, dry pastel, oil and
watercolor, combining or not these techniques. In 2010,
he became pupil of the plastic artist Lourenço de Bem
(Atelier Bianchetti), and also attended to the studio of
Sheila Tapajós and Sonnia Guerra.

The exhibitions I attended:


- 1st Visual Arts Salon - DF ( - Brasília;

- Army War School - X Salon of Arts - Rio de Janeiro - Honorable Mention;

- 8th ADESG Arts Salon - Rio de Janeiro - Honorable Mention;

- III Salon of Arts of ADESG NACIONAL - Historical Museum of the Fort of the Army of Copacabana - Rio de Janeiro - Honorable Mention.


- 2nd Visual Arts Salon - DF; - Honorable mention;

- XVI International Circuit of Brazilian Art (Austria, Spain, Portugal and Brazil);

- IX German Congress of Lusitanists - German.


- Cândido Portinari Award - SESC - Honorable Mention;

- Exhibition ”10-10 ″, on 10/10/2012, with the artist SHEILA BEATRIZ.


- "Placa Interrompidas e Óbvia Brasília" - March (First individual exhibition);

- Collective exhibitions: "Todo Sonho Se Que Estranho", Shopping Deck Norte, Brasília;

- "Recent Paintings and Sculptures", Yacht Club de Brasília, both in June.


- “30 SELECTED CONTEMPORARY INTERNATIONAL ARTISTS” - Museum of the Americas - Miami - USA - June. - MoMA BOOKS.

- “45 ° Salão de Belas Artes of the Clube Naval”, - Rio de Janeiro - October, collective exhibition of paintings, sculptures, photographs and mosaics.

- CAMINHOS DA ARTE, October, at the former headquarters of the Brasília Yacht Club.


- Collective exhibition of paintings, sculptures and mosaics "ARTES AO VENTO", Yacht Club - March.

- "Arte em Pauta", Collective Exhibition, Liberty Mall, from May to August.


- "Brasil Vangoghiano - what if Brazil was painted by Van Gogh?" - October.


- “Hipêrboles: an exaggeration of Ipês” - Collective, in the cultural space of Libertty Mall, with artists Betina Braga, Luda Lima and Gio Adriana.


- Artistic residency in Padua - Italy, May, June and July.

- “Brazyl (i) ja” (Brazil and me) Double exposure in Warsaw, at the Olympic Museum in Warsaw, in July;

- “Wieczór brazylijski” (Tardes Brasileiras) in August at the Espaço Cultural de Raszyn, Poland.


January - Exhibition “Santi” (Santos, in Italian), as a result of the artistic residency in Padua - Italy, May, June and July, at the Presidency of the Republic - Brasília DF.

October - Exhibition "studies on the sky in Brasília, also at the Presidency of the Republic - Brasília DF


Opening of permanent gallery at Vistula University in Warsaw - Poland: "Wonder Peoples"

About the artist:

"Ipês, monuments and traffic signs typical of the city are part of the universe of the artist Rodrigo Nardotto, an artist known for the use of vibrant colors and themes related to the federal capital. Following the maxim of his friend, the poet Nicolas Behr, quoting Leon Tolstói : 'Whoever sings his village becomes universal'.

Artist since he was a boy, but as he says: “only an adult allowed the boy to be an artist", he started to paint after he abandoned the profession of Publicity and Propaganda in 2009.

He did not want to go back to university and decided to attend and receive classes in the studio of outstanding artists, such as Déia Francischetti, Lourenço de Bem (Atelier Bianchetti), Sheila Tapajós, Sonnia Guerra, and, currently, Leandro Giordano.


Since the year 2018, art has become more special to him.

On a European tour, he held an artistic residency in the city of Padua, Italy, where he spent 52 days at “Casa di Spiritualitá”, the convent where Santo Antônio de Pádua lived in the last month of his life.

In addition to Italy, he spent another 80 days in Warsaw, at the invitation of the Polish government, to exhibit his series “Brasil Vangoghiano”, a series that, unpretentiously, would show how a passage from the incredible Dutchman through Brazilian lands would have been.

Because of this thematic bridge between Brazil and Europe, it aroused curiosity and repercussion in the media, including an interview on national television on the most popular Polish TV channel.

The artist's strength is color. 'That's what really interests me! I can bring shape through color. For me, the lines are secondary. The line and the drawing just mark me. The distortions I make are intentional, because my style is expressionism, that is, I express my emotions. I don't do anything rational ', describes the artist.

Mixing materials, the primary colors and discovering their tones, creates an atmosphere that transports the viewer to that reinterpreted reality. "

Thank you very much

Rodrigo Nardotto

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