Martinho Torres

CEO - Neoma Produções, Portugal

My name is Richard Towers and I founded Neoma Productions with the purpose of doing something new and refreshing in the editorial panorama. Well, I managed to go way beyond: I created the object-book! Right now, I'm focused on the children market, so I created and published, so far, two books of the collection "The Adventures of GuruRock". The first one is called "The Symphony of Time", a clock-book with strong characters and a fascinating design. The second one is a chess-book, pedagogic and playful, with the title "The Challenge of GuruRock".
For grown up people, I published six object-books: the clock-book "Tempo"​, the mirror-book "Reflections"​, the chess-book "The Challenge"​, the heart-book "Tarasutra - The Book of Lovers"​, the map-book "Poortugal"​ and the coffin-book "The silver coffin"​. The children books collection will, of course, follow the adult's lineage. It's a huge breakthrough!

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