Luciana Reis

Publisher - Batidora Ediciones, Spain

Batidora Ediciones
Books for a better life

Batidora Ediciones is a publishing company created in Valencia as a social and cooperative undertaking, with a view to working as partners, for the love of letters and words – a cooperative formed by businesswomen committed to cooperation and the Economy of Communion.

When we conceived the idea of creating a publishing house, a house of books, the dream came to us clothed in an idea, a way of doing things, of taking a different view of the world and, hence, of producing books for a better life, because we understand that books must last, must become travelling companions. To achieve that aim, our books must be of high quality. We need to publish books which readers want and need to read. With that vision in mind, this publishing project was born.

At present, our works fall into the following publishing categories:

• Picture books and children’s literature
• Personal development and non-fiction
• Poetry and contemporary literature written by women.

All the works we publish reflect our subject matter and our undertaking: to publish books for a better life. All of them radiate beauty, simplicity, gratitude and a positive attitude. They awaken feelings and invite us to look beyond the superficial.

None of our works has yet been published in a foreign language, but we believe that our books have great potential to cross frontiers because they express universal human values.

«Reading a good book is a constant conversation in which
the book speaks and the soul replies»
André Maurois

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